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Beach Cottage Window
Item # 141821

Country Fields of Lavender mixed with our favorite memories of the beach make this a timeless collection. This design is filled bundles of English lavender, white daisy, blue echinops, oats, natural salal leaves, sea grass and assorted of natural sea shells. All Natural Collection.


16" Ocean Breeze Wreath
Item # 161979

16" wreath with natural sea shells from the ocean blue, sea urchins,sandollars, mini conch shells. On a bed of dried sea grass with oats, scallop shells and natural sea stars, twigs, natural globe, and blue hydrangea blooms made from parchment.



15" Palm Beach House Container
Item # 131109

Natural seashells, star fish, silk hydrangea, and palm fronds.


16" Palm Beach Basket
Item # 141109

Natural seashells, star fish, silk hydrangea, and palm fronds.


10" On the Beach Box
Item # 04543

Life’s A Beach when you hang this in your home. Sea Shells look as though they have washed up on this wood box. This wood box has natural avena that resembles sea oats, lavender sprigs of caspia, sea urchins, and sandollars. Cream globe and picks of cream green paper hydrangea.


18" Sunset Beach Trio
Item # 181857

This collection has peach and pink tones and preserved green mrytle, pink globe, white daisy, baby fern, cream larkspur, natural stripe scallop shells and small white scallop shells. Accented with peach ribbon.



24" Yellow Morning Glory Wreath
Item # 24802

24 Wreath twig base, salal leaves, bear grass, lavender larkspur, ammonium, blue silk hydrangea and paper morning glories.


24" Hummingbird Wreath
Item # 24160

Life like silk hydrangea, larspur, ivy, pink morning glories, accented with hummingbird.



24" Wild Daisy Wreath
Item # 241844

24 Wreath twig base, green caspia, sorghum, blue larkspur, blue sinuata, blue and white mini daisy.



16" Wreath
Item # 161920

16" Wreath made of English Lavender and accented with a sheer lavender ribbon. Very fragrant and beautiful!


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